How To Get/Activate/Enable Facebook Graph Search? [Tutorial]


Facebook’s new amazing feature ‘Graph Search’ is hot in tech news these days. The graph search is no doubt a wonderful and user friendly graphical search addition to Facebook. Do you want to get the graph search on your Facebook Profile? Do check our simple tutorial after the jump.Graph search is in beta testing right now and only available to English (US) audience. If you have selected another language, other than English (US) in your profile settings then you might not get the graph search now.

We have came up with a simple solution, if you really want to try and use the new exciting graph search feature right now. Follow these steps and graph search will be activated in your profile.

Step 1:

Open This Link (Facebook Settings) and change your ‘Language‘ to ‘English (US)‘ by selecting it from the drop down menu. Now click on ‘Save Changes‘.


Step 2:

You have tricked Facebook and now you are eligible to use Facebook Graph Search. Now Open This Link (Graph Search Intro) and scroll down the page. In the end you will see a green big button saying ‘Try Graph Search‘. Click on that button.


Step 3:

That’s it, you have now activated the exclusive graph search feature on your Facebook timeline profile.


This is a 100% working tutorial for now, and you can enjoy graph search as long as you have selected ‘English US’ as your language. After few days when Facebook will publicly launch graph search then you will be able to use it even if you will have selected any other language other than ‘English US’.

Enjoy Graph Search and Share this tutorial with your friends as well.

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