How To Add/Change Google Plus Profile/Pages Cover Photo? [Tutorial]

Google has rolled out the complete new, neat and decent interface of Google Plus. They added many new features including the Cover Photos for Google Plus Profiles and Pages. In this tutorial you will learn, How To Change/Add Cover Photo On Google Plus Profile/Page? Check out the tutorial after the jump.

After the new interface launch, now the users have option to add scrapbook photos or profile photos to their Google Plus profiles as well as pages. Also, the profile photos are now much larger than before i.e. 250 x 250 pixels.

Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions/Size:

The exact size/dimensions of Google Plus Cover Photo are 940 x 180 Pixels. You can resize the images before adding them as your cover photos.

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How to Add/Change Google Plus Cover Photo?

You can now add/change cover photo of your Google Plus Profile and Pages by following these simple steps.

Click on the image to zoom/enlarge.

Step 1:

Open your profile and click on “Change Photos”.

For pages: Switch to the page to add a cover on it and then click on profile.

Step 2:

There are two templates for the photos showing on your profile.

  1. Cover Photo Template
  2. Scrapbook Photos Template

Choose “Cover Photo Template” from left side [Highlighted in red box]. Now click on “Change Cover Photo”.

Step 3:

Click on “Select a photo from your computer” or drag and drop an image there. After uploading the image click on “Save”.

Step 4:

Now click on “Ok” and then on “Done Editing”. You have successfully added a cover photo on your Google Plus Profile [Same procedure goes for the page].

How To Change The Cover Photo on Google Plus?

To Change your Cover Photo, click on “Change Cover Photo”. Then click on “Delete Photo”, the old cover photo will be deleted. Now click on “Change Cover Photo” and add a new cover photo.

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  • mike ellan

    Awesome post, so helpful

    • BlazoMania

      Thank you !! 

  • Waqas Ahmed Awan

    gud work RKR :)

    • BlazoMania


  • Michael Currey

    i was sure it was 940px wide too earlier today but now i’m seeing it at 900px on my personal profile and my business page… 

  • TexRex96

    Changing the Cover Photo only offers the “Delete” option mentioned above, which completely deletes the photo from your entire account (Scrapbook, etc.).  This makes little sense.  Each change of the Cover Photo thus requires uploading new images.  

  • Aaron Owen Smith

    Thanks for the tips

  • Persiangulf Bm

    first im calling from iran but icant speak english very well
    help me please :
    how can i change my photo to Scrapbook Photos Template   in my profile  instead of Cover Photo Template (I got stuck in this mode : cover photo )

    I await your response

    • BlazoMania

      Have a look on Step 2. There are two options available there. 

      Cover Photo and Scrapbook. Select Second Rectangular icon from the top, in front of (choose a template), you will be switched to scrapbook!

      • Dp


        The option for switching back to Scrap book is no longer available. Can you suggest us how users can witch back to Scrapbook from the Long coverpage page option?
        Also the Long coverpage option have bugs when switched to Arabic. Change to Arabic and see what i mean!

        • Elvira

          I would also like to switch back to scrapbook mode…
          Does anyone know how to do it??

  • Persiangulf Bm

    Unfortunately you do not understand my question : 
    This mode is for first time (This explanation is useful for first time   I already do this and I saw this
    But now corrupted settings (messy)
    I can not the switch to scrabbook mode (Reset)

    I do not want to use the cover photo mode

    Thanks million (Again, help me)

  • Aliencide Producer

    There is a special app that slices correct size cover photo and profile image so
    why not saving some time: