Google Plus Look Revamped With Additional Features


Google Plus is revamped almost completely today. Now Google Plus has better user interface and many new features including the Facebook Timeline like profiles and pages look. According to Google, they will add more new features in the social network other than this redesign. Check out the new user interface and additional features of Google Plus after the jump.

The post will explain you everything that you need to know about the new look of Google Plus. You can add your views in the form of comments below about these features.

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Customizable Side Bar/ Side Ribbon of Apps:

Google Plus removed its top bar of apps and shifted it to the left side which makes it handier for the users to click on the desired feature. These features include Home, Profile, Explore, Hangouts, Photos, Circle, Games and Pages. You can change the order of these apps by simply dragging them up and down. Watch the short video below to know more about side ribbon update.


Separate Page for Hangouts:

Users can access all the hangouts from their circles on a single separate page. The hangout button is right there on the side apps ribbon. You can watch the hangouts, join a hangout or start your own hangout with your friends.


Trending on Google Plus:

Like twitter, Google has now added this feature in Google Plus. Small square section on the top right is dedicated for the latest trending topics on Google Plus. You can click on the trends to follow the latest updates about them.


Cover Photo on Profiles and Pages:

Google Plus gives the profiles and pages a little bit Facebook Timeline like look by adding Cover Photo feature in them. Users have the complete choice to add remove their cover photos. If anyone do not like the wide cover photo, they can add five small scrapbook images in the same space. The dimensions of the cover photo are 940 x 180 pixels.

You can change/add your Cover Photo by following this tutorial.


Bigger Profile Photo:

Google Plus profiles and pages now have bigger profile photos. The profile picture is shifted from left side to right side. The dimensions of the profile photo are 250 x 250 pixels.

For details about the dimensions, read this post. 


Google Plus Chat bar:

The chat bar is on right bottom which was previously on the left side and its interface is changed as well. You can minimize the chat bar as well. If you have bigger screen [Resolution wise] then the chat bar will remain fixed on the right most side, leaving your profile neat and clean.


Adding Manager Option in Pages:

This one is a long awaited feature which was demanded by Google Plus users. You can now add new managers [admins] in your Google Plus pages. You can go to the settings and invite anyone via email to add as a manager of your page.


Explore [What’s Hot new name]:

What’s Hot is now converted into Explore. You can now change the options to view the What’s hot posts on your Homepage by the small slider [Highlighted in Red Box] next to the text “What’s Hot on Google Plus”.

Google Plus Home:

Look of Google Plus homepage.

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Google Plus Profile:

Google Plus new Profile look.

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Google Plus Features Overview [Video]:

What you think about the new Google Plus look? Also tell us if we missed any of the new feature added today by Google Plus team.

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  • Quiksilva

    Am I going to have to wait for a plugin to remove the very annoying “Trending in Google”, “You may know” and “You might like” panels that now take up valuable real estate in the middle of my page?

    • Dynasti

      I love the new design but would very much like to clean it up a bit.
      Removing above mentioned parts as well as the big rolling banner on top of the hangouts page would be sweet.

  • Interest Rates

    Thank you so much for sharing these. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.

  • Jim

    Google Plus removed its top bar of apps and shifted it to the left side which makes it handier for the users to click on the desired feature.[/quote]
       No, it does not make it easier… I like it the way it was.. they pulled this crap with iGoogle and I stopped using it…. WTF is with these damned sidebars?  Why do they think that is what everyone wants?
       I also don’t need to see ‘trending’ I don’t care what is ‘trending’ if I did, I’d use Twitter.
      I also don’t want to see who they think I may know, thay have not gotten it right yet, and never will I think.
      The ‘Fun & Interesting’ box needs to go too, give me back the space! WIder boxes for the stream and leave my stuff alone!

  • Josh Hakes

    I think the Apps sidebar could be amazing.  

    Imagine an app for gmail that gives you the highlights of your email.
    An app for calendar to summarize the new stuff

    Google Plus could be my hub to inform me of all my google apps

    That would be sweet!