Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Picture Size/Dimensions

Google Plus is now converted into a Facebook Timeline like interface. They have added cover photo option in profiles as well as pages. You can now add a custom designed large cover photo to your Google Plus profile or page. Read more to know the exact dimensions of Google Plus Cover Photo, Profile Picture and Scrapbook Tiles Photos.

Exact sizes of Google Plus Cover Photo, Profile Photo and Scrapbook Photos are given below with the sample images.

Dimensions/Size of Google Plus Cover Photo:

You can add a single cover photo of dimensions mentioned below. [Click on the image to zoom/enlarge]

  • Google Plus Cover Photo Width: 940 pixels
  • Google Plus Cover Photo Height: 180 pixels


Dimensions/Size of Google Plus Cover Tiles:

You can add five smaller scrapbook photos in the same area as well. The dimensions for each photo are mentioned below.

  • Google Plus Scrapbook Photo Width: 110 pixels
  • Google Plus Scrapbook Photo Height: 110 pixels

Dimensions of Google Plus Profile Photo:

Profile pictures are larger than before. The dimensions for Google Plus Profile Picture are mentioned below.

  • Google Plus Profile Photo Width: 250 pixels
  • Google Plus Profile Photo Height: 250 pixels


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