How to Change Facebook Timeline Cover Photo? [Tutorial]

If you just enabled your Timeline and want to edit your cover image then you landed on the very right page. Check out the simple tutorial on How to change your cover photo on Facebook Timeline, after the jump.

Step 1:

Login your Facebook account and Open your Facebook Profile [Timeline].

Step 2:

Now take your mouse to the left bottom of the Cover (hover the pointer) as shown in the image below. “Change Cover” button will appear there.

Step 3:

Click on “Change Cover” then on “Upload Photo” and select the image from your computer.

Step 4:

Drag and Reposition the image according to the space. Now click on “Save Changes”.

Size/Dimensions of Facebook Timeline Cover Photo:

The exact dimensions of Facebook Timeline cover photo are 851×315 pixels. Resize or Crop your image to the exact size, if you want it to look perfect on your Timeline.

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  • jojo reboquiao

    i loike

  • Jojo R. Reboquiao

    i like…..

  • Jojo R. Reboquiao

    i like !!!!

  • Rebecca

    When I click on the change cover button, the options shown do not show up. Is this a glitch?  I’ve been trying off and on all day trying to change cover photo.

    • Dealdishingmom

      Mine does the same thing.  I can’t add my page logo in.

  • Rhea_france20

    me too, i can’t change my cover photo..

  • me

    Well, that doesn’t work for me…after I ‘hover’, then ‘click’, I get no drop down menu. Help, please.

  • Estherspearing54

    why is my change cover button’s not working ?I can’t add a photo!PLEASE HELP

  • Alherault

    It’s not working for me, either.  No drop down menu, nothing.  Must be a glitch if we’re all experiencing it.

  • Rifkancamp38

    how to change ple help me

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  • Onerileyt

    i want to change the SMALL picture–the one that you click on to get to my photos. i can’t figure out how to do that. can you tell me?

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  • D.

    Can’t change it either. I tried to add one photo with the exact size (851×315)…but it says the picture must be 399 pixels minimum. 

  • Angelanniej

    I have been trying to change my cover photo and the tag change cover comes on and then immediately disappears so I can’t change the cover?

  • Gadawg2483

    So simple yet, I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks a bunch.

  • Juvilyn

    i did these but still can’t change my cover photo.

  • Nak Shine

    Hay !!!It’s ask for at least 399 pixels!!! So i take 388 pixels but nothing’s change !!! Explain me about this please. yamamin511 is my g-mail.Thanks :P

  • Anicole-1989

    i try 2 change my cover photo but nothing. i did all the steps but when it’s the time to save the pic, only i see is the cancel word. 
    Why can somebody help me  
    thank u.

  • Daniel-Lyn Sta Maria Rarey

    I´ve been trying how many times to change my cover photo but the option do not show up,could you please help me?