• http://earlmigrino.blogspot.com Earl

    haha! thank you!

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      You are welcome :)

      • emir

        I created a timeline, but I mistakenly chose the second option, and get it now option I see more, how to get it back again? Help… Thank you… 

  • Cokenpig

    Any idea how to turn it off once it’s enabled?

  • http://www.facebook.com/surplusrobyn Robyn GovLiquidation

    Fantastic. Thank you.

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      You are welcome :)

  • Stephanie

    Followed all of the steps tonight. Just a few adjustments were needed because I think you may have grabbed screenshots before FB changed everything? Everything worked fabulously until the very end. Not seeing anything even remotely like what you showed in step 6. Any thoughts or tips? (Brilliant post by the way! Thanks!)

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      After finishing 5 steps you have to open your Facebook Profile and on the top you will see the “Get It Now” button. And i posted it after Facebook went through the changes.

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  • Arvee

    It asks me to verify my account. Help? My account’s already been tied to my mobile number.

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      Just enter the same mobile number there !! No problem at all.

  • http://www.myperfectline.com/ WarmSunshine

    I entered the same entries as you did in Step 4, but when I click Save, as on Step 5, it says: “The specified action type is invalid because you need to supply at least one connected object. Please add at least one connected object before proceeding.” 

    What should I enter for this?

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      I think you have just written “Profile” there. But it’s like the Tag thing works. The text “Profile” will be shown in the “BLUE COLOR” as you tag someone or some page. According to me that’s the only problem you could have. Else, try repeating the process and do tell me again. Thanks!

    • Dwerg85

      when it asked you for a verb and a noun you used the same word twice. go back and change that. 

  • Utorrrent27

    hi, so im on this part already where i clicked open graph. on the tutorial it says there that there should be a page prompting me to type something and click on the get started button. however, after clicking the open graph link, it only opened a new page saying get started with open graph. doesnt have the get started button. did i do something wrong? what do i do now? thanks

  • http://www.sitnichonok.ru ????????? ?????????

    I did it! Thank you!

  • Jason Miranda

    im being prompted with security check but captcha wont load up. i already had my mobile number verified months ago. im stuck, please help.

  • Mjcj18

    I tried to re-enable the FB Timeline but only i can view the timeline layout and i can’t find the publish button so that others can view… HELP!!!

    • Nycjoyce

      did you figure out how to publish? cause i have the same question

  • ventekwatro

    i didn’t receive any invitation for the timeline after i did the steps. :(

    • jayaah

      Same for me… Little help please ;)

  • Myragrace_acdal

    I don’t see any words when I’m on the Security Check. How to fix that?

  • Charizma90

    I’ve tried doing this a few times to no avail…I don’t see any message allowing me to start working on my template :(

  • http://www.geeksuper.com Ironhide201

    Nice new app, will definitely give it a try!

  • http://www.facebook.com/awijesooriya1 Akila Wijesooriya

    My time line dose not show recent activities.. how can i fix that??

  • Priya Chandra

    Thanks for this very easy to follow post. It (the timeline) actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      You are welcome !!

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  • Dderajic

    I deleted it…and i wanted again to make it but i cant…..cause this massage comes :”You already have an action type named ‘read my timeline’.”

    • Dderajic

      Help pls???

    • Alex

      well, in the open graph in the dash board there is something at the end about aggregations there is the name u gave when u got started and next to that there is an x press it and say u want to delete it and then f u want create new aggregation or start in the get started maybe :D :D

  • Kamikaze

    Sameproblem as @75b4db0e5331e9fba55ee610b1022857:disqus got! WTH??

  • Ghiegeralde

    i can’t access the fb timeline. the fb says “i have to verify my account via mobile or credit card?.. what does it mean? i already activated my mobile phone on fb..then i decided to remove it again.. im still waiting for the confrmation code but fb is not yet replying.. do i have any problem with my account?what shall i do?

    • Ghiegeralde


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  • me7a

    i did all these steps but didn’t get the message on my profile :S

  • Angel-devil1996

    io ho provato ma alla fase 2 non me lo fa :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=584172003 Kelli Prinz

    Hello! I did this and have the timeline view… but I would like to now deactivate my account temporarily. When I go to do that it tells me I can’t unless I delete the platform I developed or transfer it to another user. Can I safely just delete the developer/ app (which is really nothing and just what I created to get the timeline view) without losing any of my other stored information? Thanks! 

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      Yes You can delete it and than again install it when you need!

  • ritz

    I am not getting the code in my phone

    • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

      Just install it from the PC and it will work on phone as well ! [Android and iOS]

      • Joyce

        No, Ritz is saying the code to activate the App we need to create, in-order to get Timeline, wasn’t sent to their phone. Same thing is happening to me. 

        • http://www.BlazoMania.com BlazoMania

          Ohh !! You are asking about Mobile verification code! Just try to verify your FB account using your any Family Member’s cell phone! or otherwise go for a Credit Card.

  • Asma Wakeel

    Where is your F-Share count? I think it was 1000+ last time I visited this post …

  • GreeN

    i’ve already done it all step, but when i opened my profile there was no message like in step 6. why ?

    • Ridhwan

      you should put in ‘people can my tilmeline a profile’ only with that can the messsage appear,, :)

      • rammy

        but..where we can put dat??

    • Typerproxddd

      same problem of mine :(

    • Saashamor

      same here!

  • Jeetu

    after step 5 I opened my profile but I couldn’t get that option “get it now ”
    so would U please tell me how can I get this ….thank U

  • Emperorthegreat

    But when I did this. it says Please verify your account by adding your mobile phone or credit card. what should I do, I have written my mobile number but they never sent me the Code to put for verification.

    • http://BlazoMania.com admin

      Try to use the mobile of your any family member OTHERWISE a credit card verification method.

    • Ridhwan

      i has that too…but it disappeared after a few security check and submits …

  • Mayo

    This is great, Thanks you!

    But….anything I post via my phone does not show properly. Just says [My name] posted a few hours ago via Mobile. Nothing else. Any idea?

  • Mrš! :*

    I did it and it work :D only I can see it. My friends will be able to see it 2.11.2011

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001905839220 Shehzada Sherry

    i have done wthe work but nobody can see my timeline except me…..i want everyone to see my timeline…plz help??????

    • Oc8080

      People who have timeline can only see your timeline.

      • BreezyFBabyy

        Thats bullshit.

    • walae

      only those time lined profile friends . can saw your timeline too.. if his or her is using the normal type. he  cant saw it

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  • Zuyu1117


  • Facebook-covers.com

    Great post and really clear for the processes, even for the open graph one. Great !

    Thank you for sharing.
    I just created a website to provide people with free facebook covers. You can check it there :


  • Chandratre tapan

    thank’s buddy with ur help i done itttt thanksssss…..!!!!!

    • Justin

      How? How did you get the message?

  • Rishu

    m on 2nd step nw but when m gng to fill App Namespace it show me failed sign on right side.what should i do nw????????

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  • http://ceo.iorbix.com/ Andrew Davis

    Cool tutorial. :)

    I hope that Facebook releases the Timeline soon.
    It has been long enough… :/

    Anyway, I’ve put together a new website with Hundreds of Free Facebook Timeline Covers:

    Feel free to use them on your Facebook Profile. :)
    -Andrew Davis

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  • Soulchiq_22


  • Pj_rasta41

    Discouraging…it doesn’t work i entered codes several times still not valid…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rajtheboss1990 Raj Theboss

    how to deactivate timeline

  • Mark Peñaflorida

    I disable my facebook timeline almost a month,, and today its back,, I don’t like it. And when I back on ”Facebook Developer Page” n which I created an application it’s been said that there is no ”APPLICATION FOUND”.. what should I do? Anybody would help me?

  • Kinchitmathbest

    The Invitation doesnt show up!!!!!

    • that one person

      same here!! and I can’t find anything to repair that : (

  • Sbcoolprankster14

    dude i hav tried every step of ur bt still no msg occurs

  • Bogdan Voda

    i make all that steps but that profile its vizibile only for mee. only me can see that profile in that mode. others can see my older profile

    • Yasmin

      on the introducing timeline page it says no one can see your timeline until 7 days later because they want to give you time to edit it before your friends see! How did you get it, I’ve tried everything :(

  • Sudhirrajput

    its not working 

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  • kiran

    this doesnt work!

  • http://www.24x7bulletin.com Yash Jaggi

    Done 5 Steps but there is nothing on my profile as in Step 6

  • Chris-mac15

    this app straight up sucks ass…it doesn’t work at all, no matter how i try it, no matter how i follow the instructions, at all. Like, AT ALL. we’re talking TOTALLY nonfunctional. In any way. At all. Y’all got fixin to do. hop to it. Peace.

  • http://twitter.com/PaulaMaedeLeon Paula Mae de Leon

    it’s not working. i’ve already done it all steps, but no message yet

    • A.

      Me too.

      • venkat

        me to

        • Karl_marlo62495

          so many steps. its not working

        • Emilie


    • Arrianna hutto

      still not working 

    • speaking eyes

      same problm… if any one has solution then plz tell me also.. i shall b vry thnkfull…

    • bilal

      not working…. no msg

    • Suman Raha Slg

      simple way to get facebook timeline, just click on the following link
      n simply chick on ”get timeline”….

      • Abdullah


      • Rachaeeelll

        This is the best bet, the only thing thats worked for me so far. thank you @debd38c42864dbc236070e8a1c67ba1a:disqus 

    • Shelbymaedayparade

      same here. it will not work for me either.. & ive been trying the past 3 weeks.

  • Rtulcheeda

    it doesn’t work properly in the first step

  • Typerproxddd

    I Have Followed All The 5 Steps But I Didn’t Receive Any Massage In My Inbox.  

  • Nalan

    plz i want my old face book l dont like facebook timeline, i have tried all the steps to disable it did not work

  • Crazybiatch_2011

    ok so I followed all the steps to a T and never got a message!!

  • Marjonpantoja02

    sucks!!step 6 doesnt show up!grRrR!!

  • tinatina

    invite never showed…. crappy instructions.!!!

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  • Lolette Rebusa

    where is the step 6 message at?

  • Tombee09t

    this was not helpful, i stuck in the 1st step, lol :?

  • Nottie Dani

    i did not get a msg

    step 6 :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/nitin.sirsat Nitin Sirsat
  • ashish

    it’s not working. i’ve already done it all steps, but no message yet

  • Mohan_cena7

    i cant asses it

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.shenton.x Jenny Shenton

    there no message! how the hell do you get the message?????!!!! </3

  • Ther1oNciCz

    he hecho todos los pasos pero aun No llega el Mensaje ¡!

  • mrsgregorski

    this does not work.

  • Chriztine_macapagal16

    I DON’T want this timeline pls help me how to remove it?

  • Vishnuprabhuak1211

    not working

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000903814660 Jeric Elivera

    it’s not working,i’m in all step,but no message yet.!! :((

  • Jenjenmontalla

    paula me too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=841128958 Steve Coola ColaKid

    Not legitimate – ring the scam alarm bell!!!
    If you want Timeline your first stop should be Facebooks’ own help pages. Enter “Timeline” in the search field there, and one of the results is “How Do I get Timeline?”, which has a link to click, “Introducing Timeline”. Click on that and at the bottom of the page,on the right there’s a button “Get It Now”. Click that and hey-presto, you’ve got Timeline. You get 7 days grace to go through it in private before it goes live, or you can publish it any time before then by clicking the button towards the top of the page. Once you’ve switched you can’t go back, no matter what app’s you mess around with – it’s Facebook’s new style. 
    Personally I don’t like it’s look; it’s too cluttered and really not friendly to slower connections or low RAM, but it’s one good point is that you get to re-live some old hilarious/twisted/touching memories as you scan back through the years.

    • Panda7860

      the get it now isnt there help

    • ethel tadena

      thank u so much for your information…

  • Meglmw

    after step 5, tried to back to my own profile but couldnt show step 6 like the others said.  On the other hand, I couldnt even open my own profile on my notebook.  But iphone, ipad are showing my new timeline profile, why?  How to fix it on my notebook?  Thx in advance.

  • mabid

    done all steps but no msg on profile :S

  • natalia

    i cant access my application for timeline because of that stupid things about christmas theme !
    what the hell is happening to facebook?

  • Jhaylhar08

    nothing happen to my profile . why? i follow the steps but its not working .

  • Heddy28

    same here

  • Cwilson430

    it didnt do it help me someone

  • Noorrandhawa

    it’s not working. i’ve already done it all steps, but no message yet


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003282259625 Devon Nicole Nalley

    I don’t know how to activate the timeline because it won’t let me “Create an App”.

  • speaking eyes

    “DONE ALL THE 5 STEPS BUT CAN’T SEE ANY MESSAGE ON THE FACEBOOK PROFILE” ?? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp meeeeee plzzz

  • trupti

    it suck…..not working

  • Sevanjalin

    it’s not working. i’ve already done it all steps

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002203848667 AlFa Kode

    yeah pretty much if you don’t get the first step and you do all the rest, it won’t change to timeline.. Fuck.

  • Mxlle-estelleee

    je n’arrive pas a instalé le journal sur mon facebook comment faire ?

  • Shravyagupta7

    its not working

  • Hidado_cloud

    not working?

  • nunu

    not working……………. :X

    • nunu

      if any1 can solve da prob.. plz solve it.. 

  • Anibananie

    Not working for me either :S

  • Harsh Kumar

    its working and it is awesome 

    • Imroseangel

      whats working, because i have tried the damn thing it hasnt been working for weeks…..

  • ethel tadena

    why is it that there is no message appearing on my profile?

  • Umed Soni

    not working dude……

  • Melwin96

    not working dude

  • Guest

    It DOES NOT WORK! Not one person got it to work. WTF?

  • Savdbggrb

    this solves everything

    go to this site


    on the bottom right it says GET TIMELINE click on that and your finished

  • http://mackx.myopenid.com/ Jamahl Benson

    and the converse question which millions of people are asking is, how do i get rid of the damned Timeline, well heres the solution guys: http://www.fbpurity.com/disable-facebook-timeline.htm

  • Khursheed

    i tried nd tired but itz nt work..but i want timeline plz help me

  • Ricamaybaya

    its not working :(

  • murlocc

    its nt working……..i did all da needful steps but i din’t get the message……….

  • Jaskaransinghdhaliwal07

    no message come,it’s not working

  • Meshi

    nooooooooot working

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Ann-Bossemeyer/1275924301 Carol Ann Bossemeyer

    the following message is running around Facebook, however I don’t know if it is accurate, can you verify what un-clicking ‘comments and likes’ on a users ‘subscribe’ actually does ?  Please read the following post that is going around the feed.

    With the new ‘FB timeline’ on its way this week for EVERYONE…please do both of us a favor: Hover over my name above. In a few seconds you’ll see a box that says “Subscribed.” Hover over that, then go to “Comments and Likes” and unclick it. That will stop my posts and yours to me from showing up on the side bar for everyone to see, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it LIMITS HACKERS from invading our profiles. If you re-post this I will do the same for you. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because if you tell me that you’ve done it I’ll ‘like’ it. ThanksLike ·  · 40 minutes ago · 

  • Jeanyochea

    nooooooooot working

  • Soumyap 133

    i am not finding that message in my profile.. what should i do..??

  • Halakiumatafinau

    wwwwwooooooooowwwwwwww…..not even workin…ughhhhhh…soooo mad

  • mehak

    i did all steps but after 5th step its not working ..what should i do?

  • Fab_q

    not working ?????!!!!!

  • Jackson Mania

    no message and not working

  • khan

    my fb is now timeline

  • Prashanttrivedi

    it’s not working. i’ve already done it all steps, but no message yet

  • Lovemyhoney84

    Same here, been trying for two weeks now but “NO MESSAGE” in my profile… PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • Geust

    not working!

  • -Choco Pringx

    yeah .

    same problem . its not working .

  • Andrian

    not working!!!


  • Alvin_pascual0934

    alvin_pascual0934@yahoo:disqus .com add help 

  • Princrahul93

    Not working 

  • Karanrandhir

    nothing has happnd to my profile

  • Rajendra Rupesh Sahu

    not working

  • Devaris

    I want my old facebook page back not crazy about timeline  how we get  the app please help

  • Chirayuamin95

    no message. not working

  • Jaymru

    no msg… :(

  • http://twitter.com/Andicator Lee Andie Seul Chan

    No message, unsuccessful :/

  • Vktalwardn

    i sucks man, how many ever times i enter code still asking right code…..

    • cupcakegirl<3

      i know how u feel.it’s not working for me.

  • Jbilli211

    it doesnt work..:/

  • Hayanas

    not working….!!! 

  • Wynona-babe9

    what the hell i done this like 5 times and its not working WTF -.-

  • Suman Raha Slg

    hello friends..
    no need to create app to get timeline just do the simple following steps, u need 1 munite to get timeling..
    simple way to get facebook timeline, just click on the following linkhttps://www.facebook.com/about/timelinen simply chick on ”get timeline”….
    your profile will be automatically convert into timeline…

    • Jjmysweet1989

      not if the download button isnt showing because i have that problem.

    • Lareyna2010dePA

      where does it say get timeline I have been to that page alot and cannot find where it says get timeline!!!!!!

  • www.facebook.com/princeofwah

    its not showing any msg :(

  • sadboy

    how to siable it?

    • sadboy


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/MarkDavid-De-Guzman-Apolinar/100003405586355 MarkDavid De Guzman Apolinar

    the message isn’t showing –I just sign up in face book and verified my account via mobile and e-mail., tried the instructions you gave but still not working. Why?

  • Sohiljiwani

    not happening yar

  • Hosneara Tania

    no message

  • Pastel Umbrella

    yea, me too. no message yet

  • Avinashchandru

    i not yet get any msg

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.m.mpolo Patrick Matondo Mpolo

    i tried nothing as i result shame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Suhani-Kapoor/100002189080655 Suhani Kapoor

    guyz plzz tel me any other apps plzz ….

  • Briannakitty2012

    No messege

  • Rohitsengupta133
  • somia

    I tried to remove timelines application but it doesn’t appear on facebook  Application 

  • MissyN

    My page got automatically changed into timeline!!! How do I remove it!  I HATE IT!!!!  The other link to remove it doesn’t work for me as I never created an app!

  • http://www.cpssecurity.com/ Security Guards

    Hello !!! i make my all inspiration in this picture!!! i hope you liket!!! many regards and add me if you want friends!!! keep in touck everybody !!!

  • Ls

    Not working-I disabled this-removed the APP all of this is just a scam, I believe.  To get your personal data.  I hope you guys Disable this.

  • Bri_harm78

    No matter what i do nothing is working…

  • Ali4189201

    me not like this timeline view ,   how do i remove this timeline view , i wanna use my older profile view

  • Joe

    Timeline and dumblinks are UGLY, worthless security risks that if they had been turned in as a college project for design or security would have gotten the PERSON AN F———   And the person would have been told to either take their schooling Seriously or go back to grade school to LEARN the RIGHT way to do things. 
    Both of these ARE garbage, NOT wanted by almost ALL of the people using FB and have messed with the security settings for EVERYONE AGAIN.  Its time that if they are not going to listen that we go the way of linux and have a community based replacement for FB that asks what the community wants IF ANYTHING and DOES WHAT THE MAJORITY WANTS DONE.  And does it like they do in linux.  LOOKS VERY professional and WORKS better that windows with A LOT less headaches.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lojke Piotr Loj

    I’ve just posted “The most simple tutorial: How to create your New Timeline Fan Page”. (With 3 custom tabs! ). 
    It’s based on WOOBOX application.
    I hope you will find this very helpful.



  • Taira Leshawn

    ok i am super confused. no message at all and i followed the steps.. and when i go to the “Introducing Timeline” page there isnt a “get it now” button.. UGH! i am getting so frustrated!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003565223765 Balazs Bakonyvari

    I just read it in a FB help thread: if you created yr account less then a month ago, timeline did not show up. So for us, loser newbies, no timeline for a month.

  • Pretty Tati Swag

    it didnt wortk 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4FWEYU4CVFVYJJQPBHTGKLMM5Q Megz

    how do u do this timeline..thru google

  • Princess piya

    itz helpless 

  • Niquey Mz32

    not working , followed all the steps twice 

  • Saniyagp

    the msg doest come for the people who r new on fb???

  • Liz22131

    didn’t work.

  • Andrea Kush

    this is shit its not even working in step two i put the username what ever but the you have to copy these kind of words i copy it right but it keeps o denying me >:(

  • anne delatorre

     this is CRAZY !!!!i;ve already done it all steps !!!

  • Wooshigurl

    not working

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  • Jovana

    I’ve alredy did all steps but no message yet.

  • Rhica_lt12

    im already done to all the steps, but its not working . where can i find the message?

  • sachin bairagee

    no 6 step

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rochelle-Gomez/100003813409337 Rochelle Gomez

    rochelle gomez

  • sehar badmash company

    not working :-(

  • i am real badmash company

    not working:-(

  • Julie Ann

    not working :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003816049110 ChinaBoo Luvs-u Callaway


  • Mis jheck

    not working i hate

  • Astrid15ne

    did all steps, not working

  • Bella

    Don’t work. And I tried to go to “Introducing Timeline” But it doesn’t say “Get Timeline” any where. It’s just blank. >:(

    • C_hallimeroo

       It is the same here..Can anyone tell us what to do..just dont tell us go to introducing timeline, and clik GET timeline..I have to be blind..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Princess-Merliah-Summers/100003906034510 Princess Merliah Summers

    not working

  • Sdfagarrd

    fuck timeline button..fuck zuckerberg.

  • Rk Dodi

    this pole doesnt works >>>>>>>>>>>>>>ver y much disgusting   </3 

  • Sntn_karmakar

    How will I down load time line

  • Ortegavela Juan

    Juan Ortega Vela, I thought I had timeline but I dont even though I loggin a few time  everytime I hit the green get it now button every time. I get a welcome but no lifetime.

  • Sai Paru Com

    i am not  getting the msg

  • Ditty Chacon

    wtacrap man! why do u guys hve this shit if u knw is nt gnna work!!!

  • Hillbilly

    done all of it but no message.

  • Mariiangelv S1003

    it doesnt workkkkkkkkkkkkk

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