Facebook New Changes Complete Details and Tutorials

Facebook has gone through a number of changes and will be changes more in the few days. Things are little more complex but everything is in the control of user that how he will manage his profile. Check out the few major changes that Facebook has gone through after the jump.

These are some major changes in the Facebook profile. [Click on any image to zoom/enlarge]

Friends News-feeds:

You can click on the arrow in front of each post and do the following things:

  • Mark as a top story
  • Hide story
  • Report story/spam
  • Change the subscribe setting
  • Unsubscribe from that friend or his/her specific updates.

How to Edit your profile in new Facebook:

Open your profile by clicking on your name from the top Facebook Bar. Now click on the “Edit profile” at the top right of your profile to edit your profile directly.


Logout/Account or Privacy Settings:

Facebook has changed its top bar, its sticky now, means that when you scroll up/down your profile, the Facebook Top Bar do not move. Moreover there is a change in the Facebook top bar that there are no “Account” or “Profile” button on it.

“Account” is replaced by a simple Arrow by clicking which you can go to your “Privacy Settings”, “Account Settings” and Logging out” etc, while the “Profile” button is replaced by “Your Profile Name” by clicking which you can redirect to your profile.


New Real-Time Facebook Friends’ Activities:

This one is the most amazing feature i personally found in the new Facebook. There is a side bar which shows the real-time activities by your friends and when you hover your mouse over any activity, it will be open for you in small pop-up type window to like/comment or whatever you want to do with it.


Facebook Home Page:

The homepage is now divided into two parts. Left side contains News-feeds and the Right side contains Real-Time Friends’ Activities.

When you scroll down your Facebook Homepage window, only Left side will scroll down while the right side (real-time activities) will not move down.


Subscribe Button:

You can now subscribe to the news-feeds of those who are not even your friends but that person should allow the feature on his profile as well.

You can see only the “Public” posts by that person by Subscribing to him. You can subscribe to anyone by clicking on the “Subscribe” button from his profile and can “Un-subscribe” by clicking the same button. Moreover you can always customize that which posts you want to see from that person.


How to view your Subscribers/Subscriptions:

Open your profile and under your profile picture you will see two options and shown in the image below.

  • Subscriptions: Click on “Subscriptions” to see those people who you subscribed.
  • Subscribers: Click on “Subscribers” to see those who are subscribed to your feeds.

Listing/Deleting a friend:

Open your friend’s profile then click on “Friends”. Now you can add him/her to any list. Or delete him/her by simply clicking on “Unfriend”.


Poke or Report/Block a Person:

Click on the “Gear with arrow” button as shown in the image and then on the “Poke” to poke that person and “Report/Block” to report that profile or block that person.


Privacy Settings of your Posts:

Now your posts are customizable that to whom you want to show them and from whom you want to hide them. You can always change the privacy of your each post by clicking on the “Arrow” in front of each post (shows when you hover the mouse to that place).

By setting “Public” anyone can see this (even not your friend), by selecting “Friends” it will be only shown to your friends and to customize you have to go for “Custom” option.

News-Feeds according to your lists:

Open your Facebook Homepage and on the right middle of the page you will see “Lists”. Click on any list to open its specific feeds by the members of that list. Click on “more” to open all of your lists and to manage them.

You can create new lists by clicking on “+Create List”.

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