How to See All Online Friends in Facebook Chat Keeping Yourself Offline?

Facebook is transforming its features to compete well with Google Plus and other social networking sites. Recently Facebook modified its chat feature and now you can see everyone who is online on Facebook chat while keeping yourself hide. Check out the tutorial after the jump.

You can show yourself online to specific people by creating lists. If you have already created lists then its fine, otherwise create lists by following this tutorial so that you can customize your availability status.

After managing the lists just follow the simple three steps tutorial and you will be able to see your all online friends without showing them yourself.

Step 1:

Click on Chat bar, you will see everyone online in the chat pan.

Step 2:

Now click on the “Gear button” just in front of Chat and then on “Limit Availability”.

Step 3:

Now click on the small arrow sign, and then select your choice.

1). If you select “Make me unavailable to” then you will be unavailable to your selected lists and available to other lists.

2). If you select “Only make me available to” then you will be only available to that list(s) and unavailable to all others.

Both these choices are dependent on each other and if you change one, the other will automatically change.


I select 3 lists under the “Make me unavailable to” category and when you see the “Only make me available to” category the fourth one is checked there. So it’s vice versa, you can manage the Limit Availability from both options.

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