How to change Profile Picture in Google Plus? [Tutorial]

If you are on Google+ and playing with it right now then you are a lucky one. So you want to change you profile picture? It’s simple. Just check out the tutorial after the jump.

Step 1:

Sign in to your Google+ Account and open your profile.

Step 2:

Click on Edit profile option.

Step 3:

Click on “change photo” just below your current display picture.

Step 4:

Select a photo from Your albums, From your phone, Photos of you, or from Profile photos.  Or simply Upload a new photo.

Step 5:

Crop your picture, or resize it by clicking and dragging the corners. Click Edit photo in Picnik to edit your photo on the spot.

Step 6:

Click Set as profile photo, you have done it.

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  • soakes

    I don’t get a “change photo” link.
    Clicking the photo seems to change it, but it is never saved.

    • Vmbgap

      Same here 

      • Markus Fraikin

        Same for me. No “change photo” link after clicking “edit profile”. Actually nothing seems to be editable at all.

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    My profile picture saves, but none of my posts have the updated picture and eventually it reverts back to the normal head. Anyone find a fix?

  • Carmen Richardson

    I change it and change it and it never works KEEPS reverting to the original pic I selected… 

  • Adam

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