Google Doodle – Charlie Chaplin Birthday Celebration [16th April]

16th of April is the Charlie Chaplin’s birthday. He was the real man having the capital stick in hand, hat on head, and a mustache similar to Hitler. Chaplin was born on 16th April 1889 and earned great success in films as well as in books. In the honor of Charlie, Google has kicked off the commemoration by putting a Doodle in the form of a video honor on Google homepage, to British comedian.

The 5 minutes videos demonstrates the character of Mr. Chaplin in the two ways at the same time, that are, set of painting and a garden room in which a woman selling some cupcakes. In both of the set the logo of Google is ornamented astonishingly like always.

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a renowned actor in the soundless film period and became well-known film star earlier than the ending of the First World War. His expressions and movement used to generate a pleasantry and express an excellent message. Even though when the time of sound movies came on earth, Charlie Chaplin and his films are still appreciated and forever will. When the Google homepage video is finished, Google automatically redirects the visitor to the search results that are all about Charlie Chaplin.

If the legend was yet breathing, the age of Chaplin would have been 122 years. He died on December 25, 1977 and the planet of humor got a huge hinder. Still Chaplin is being listed in the 10 Great Movie Actors of all times via American Life Institute. We all praised Chaplin with Google Doodle on his 122nd birthday.

Video of Charlie Chaplin:

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    I assume English is not your mother language, or you just don’t care.

    • BlazoMania

      Both the cases are true :)

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  • Dan

    Notice that Google put the play button strategically over the mustache so as to prevent people from thinking that the guy in the picture is Hitler. Unfortunately, on the Internet, this had the exact opposite effect. People are making up conspiracy theories that Google did this to secretly celebrate Hitler’s birthday which is a mere four days from Chaplin’s. Perhaps Google should have just gone with the hat to clarify that it’s not Hitler, even if that gives away what the logo is about.