Super Mario in a Different Look – 3D First-Person Game

Almost every gaming geek is aware of the Level 1-1 of the very famous game Super Mario Bros. It can be suppose as the most renowned stage of any video game ever created. All of us can guess the Level of the game by just listening to the music. The graphics, obstacles, the design, the tunes are intensely embedded in our minds. In this video a smart 3D designer gave the stage a first-person outlook. Watch the Video After the jump.

The best part is that you can watch the 3d view at the same time as watching the typical side-scrolling view, with a few great next-generation touch and sound effects.


I must say that if this thing will happen in reality and a full package of Mario comes in that way, then it would be the most demanded version of any game ever. Let’s see when will the game come in Market.

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