Google is Launching a Social Networking Site called Google Me – Still a Rumor

The super hot rumors in technology world are that Google is going to step-in the social networking sites race and launching its very own social network codenamed as Google Me. According to one source the official announcement of Google will be done at Google’s developer conference [May 10 and May 11] of this year.

One thing is confirmed that if it will happen then Google will give so many exciting features and will definitely overtake the social networking queen Facebook. Everyone is curious to have a look of the Google’s Social Site but still nothing much is leaked about the Google Me network.

Techspot raised a point that “In September 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt suggested last year that a “social layer” was coming to all the company’s products”, which is the evidence of this rumor.

According to Paul Buchheit [who is the ex-employee of Google, Gmail initiator as well as FriendFeed creator] said that it’s not difficult for Google to develop and run a social network which will be as famous as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Foursquare are now.

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  • saeein

    your site is going gud :)

  • Aisha Wakeel

    great news

    • BlazoMania

      Yupx … really great …

  • liyas mamat

    I am waiting…hopefully better than facebook

    • BlazoMania

      Ofcourse Google will come up with a Out of the box idea … :) Everyone is waiting for it …