The Real Photographers – Super Bowl Photography

We cannot even imagine that how a sports photographer is doing his work. They are extremely trained, extremely skilfully and have awesome reflexes. The video after the break can better explain the processing of photos while a Super Bowl match playing. We can never compare this kind of photography with any of the photography we have seen in our lives. Have a look.

The photographers are capturing numerous shots a fraction of second and afterward handing memory cards to the runners. A runner is a person whose task  is to get the memory cards from photographers  to the photo processing team working at back end.

That team process 11,000 photo shots an hour by using special computers, where a ordinary, unskilled can handle only about a thousand images in an hour. A team of two people process an unbelievable around 35,000 to 40,000 pictures throughout the event, exclusively at the spot.

At the end we get the fully polished images and videos which we just see and passed. Check out the video which perfectly describes the true spirit work of the whole photography team.

Sports Illustrated Photography at Super Bowl XLV from Max Morse on Vimeo.

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