A Fake Priest (Journalist) Tried To Get Into Michael’s Room


We all know that Michael Schumacher is facing the hardest time of his life after a deadly accident he had while skiing. He is being treated by top notch doctors under a controlled environment in a hospital. There are news that a fake priest (journalist) just tried get into Michael’s room. Read the details below. Continue reading

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Michael Schumacher’s Condition Improved Slightly But Still Critical


Michael Schumacher, who is one of the best Formula One racers ever fell down while skiing in the French Alps and he is critically injured. Doctors are unable to anything but they are trying their best to keep him alive and healthy. The doctors has to do an additional operation after which they think that Michael showed a little improvement. Read the details after the jump.

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Google Announced New Android Version – Android KitKat 4.4 Logo


Google has recently announced the latest version of Android operating system, code named as Android Kit Kat (Android 4.4). Even the KitKat official website is advertising and promoting Android 4.4 with a very unique and creative style. You can see the logo of Android Kit Kat after the jump.

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How To Embed Facebook Posts On Your Website/Blog – 2013? [Tutorial]

Facebook_logo_BlazoManiaFacebook has finally launched post embedding feature to all the users recently by using which you can attach/embed any post you want on any page/website/blog etc. The feature was previously available to few users like Mashable, CNN, and Huffington Post. If you want to know that How Can You Attach Facebook Post On Your Website or Blog then read our tutorial after the jump.

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Gold Colored iPhone 5S Pictures – Coming On 10th Sep [Rumors]

iPhone-5S-Gold-Colored-Rumor-BlazoManiaThere are many rumors on social media and tech blogs that iPhone 5S is coming is Golden color as well. It is reported that Apple is releasing two iPhones (Low End and High End) together on 10th of September 2013. Read the details after the jump.

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